Spay/Neuter Vouchers

Part of being a responsible dog/cat guardian is getting your animal spayed or neutered. Did you know that dogs and cats that are spayed and neutered generally live longer and are happier? In addition, they tend to wander less, especially since they won’t be looking for a mate, and you won’t have vet and food expenses from an unexpected litter. And most importantly, they won’t have babies that end up homeless or dead.
We understand the cost of spaying or neutering can be challenging. Don’t let that stop you. We issue assistance vouchers to individuals that qualify based on federal income guidelines. Fill out the form on this page, and if you qualify, the voucher will help offset—and in some cases may even cover—the cost of the spay or neuter for your dog or cat.
Our vouchers are accepted at most Whatcom County vets, Spay Neuter NorthWest, and NOAH.
Please call and leave a message at (360) 671-7445 or email us at and one of our volunteers will gladly reach out and see if you qualify for one of our assistance vouchers.