About AHS

The Alternative Humane Society is an all-volunteer, nonprofit animal welfare organization serving Whatcom County, WA. AHS has been helping animals and educating the public since 1977. We have no shelter, office, or paid staff. Our programs include Canine (Dog) Foster & Adoption, Feline (Cat) Foster & Adoption, Spay & Neuter Assistance, and Community Cats Information and Referral.

Mission Statement:

The Alternative Humane Society of Whatcom County is an all-volunteer, non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and cats and helping them find and stay in permanent loving homes.

Our goals are to:

  • To make Whatcom County a community where no healthy animals are euthanized
  • Prevent unwanted dog and cat births through spay and neuter assistance
  • Cultivate respect and awareness for the needs of animals through education
  • Advocate for the humane treatment of dogs and cats in all areas of life